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  • Vineri 18:00-19:00
DescriereWe proved in the last 22 years on the global market the high level and TOP product for governments and oil companies, Green Plus Fuel technollogy, Certified Eco etiquette by UN, it is the first and unique certificate what never happened before. We are ready to help governments, oil companies, engine factories and second hand market with Green Plu sFuel Technology and special 3B automatic Green Plus adjustment diagnostics, monitoring, control black box system onto EURO+ environmental category to reduce Green House Gases and harm pollution (CO, CO2, SOx, NOx, PMx, HC, THC, NTHC, VOC, O3 ) to easier and faster perform the signed Sustaineble Developmepent Goals of the Paris Agreement.
Tipul organizaţiei Vanzator / Cumparator
Mărimea Organizației1-10
Anul Înființării2008
Oraş Szekszard , Rakoczi u 84
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Green Plus Fuel Technology

We would like to find strong partner who real undertsand our power position in global world in the Energy Transition Fuel World Program

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